15% off all Small Group Training and Fitness Classes with the sign up of 1 or more family members concurrently


Sports Training


Small Group Sport Conditioning

Small Group Sport Training is geared towards the serious athlete looking to improve his or her performance either on the ice, field, or court.  Through the use of a custom designed program the athlete will perform specific exercises specific to their sport and goals as well as the findings of an assessment.  Small Group training athletes will be focusing on improving speed, acceleration, mobility, stability, strength, power, and conditioning.  The sessions are after school and last 45 - 60 min.. 


13 years old and under - $12 per session

14 years old and older - $16 per session

General Fitness Training


Noon Hour Fit Blitz 

The Fit Blitz is a quick yet very effective group (14 max/session) exercise session that will get you in and out of the gym in less then 30 minutes.  Expect improvements in your muscle strength and endurance as well as energy level.  The session will begin a 12:15pm and end at 12:45pm.  This should give everyone sufficient time to get to and from work with very little hassle. 

5 Pack - $40.00 ($8.00 per class)

10 Pack - $70.00 ($7.00 per class)

Drop in session - $9.00


1 on 1 Fitness Coaching

Individualized program development, assessment, and coaching.  1 coach with 1 client.

Program Development: $60.00

  • Personalized and detailed program focusing on individual goals.

  • Includes consultation, program development, and training session.

Fitness Assessment: $60.00

  • Assessment of cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and movement quality.

Personal Training Session Packages:

  • Personal Training Session(per hour) - $40.00

  • 5 Sessions($35.00/1 hour) - $175.00

  • 10 Sessions($30.00/1 hour) - $300.00

Gym Memberships

**Free Introductory Gym Orientation For All New Members**

Gym Memberships

One month membership: $30.00


3 month membership: $28.00/month

6 month membership: $26.50/month

12 month membership: $25.00/month